September 22
Bad Romance: Saint John Paul II and Lady Gaga Debate the Meaning of Love Dr. Philip Franco, Principal of St. Margaret School
September 29
Turmoil and Truth: Navigating the Maze of the Post-Vatican II crisis and What We Can Do to Win the Culture War Angela Telthorst, Sr Campus Advancement Officer for FOCUS
October 6
Cultivating Romance, a Journey to the Heart of God Julie Woodley, Founder/Director of Restoring the Heart Ministries
October 20
Where Are the Young Adults?: A talk on Young Adult Spirituality Paul Morisi, Coordinator of Adolescent and Young Adult Faith Formation for the Diocese of Brooklyn
October 27
The Hidden Face of Evil: Can Catholics Defeat It? Monsignor Robert Ritchie, Rector of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
November 17
The Emperor's New Kids: Lies from The Fertility Industry Alana Newman, Founder of the Anonymous Us Project